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Things to be considered in the First Board Meeting of a Company after registration

Board Meetings
S. No. Items
1. To Elect the Chairman of the meeting.
2. To grant leave of absence, if any.
3. To authorize a person to record the proceeding of Board Meetings.
4. To authorize a director of Company to certify and circulate certify copy of Board Minutes.
5. To note the Certificate of Incorporation of the company, issued by the Registrar of Companies
6. To take note of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company, as registered.
7. To take note of the of the Registered Office of the company.
8. To confirm/note the appointment of the first Directors of the Company.
9. To read and record the notices of disclosure of interest given by the Directors. (MBP-1)
10. To fix the Financial Year of the Company.
11. To consider the appointment of the first Auditors.
12. To adapt the Common Seal of the company.
13. To open Bank Accounts of the Company.
14. To authorize the issue of Share Certificates to the Subscribers of Memorandum. Note: (This may or may not be agenda for first board Meeting. Because, Share certificate have to issue within 2 month from the date of incorporation. Therefore, according to circumstance this agenda can be take note in next Board Meeting)
15. To approve Preliminary Expenses and preliminary contracts.
16. To authorize a Director to Maintain Books And Registers of the company at registered office.
17. To take note Letter Head of Company as per Section 12.
18. To discuss any other matter with the permission of chair and with the majority of the Directors present.


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